Mugagga Industries (U) limited’s mandate is to;

  1. Carryout research which enables youth to find business opportunities based on locally available resources.
  2. Eradicate poverty, ignorance and diseases through sensitization of the masses.
  3. Start and develop small scale industries in Uganda and in the great sub-Saharan Africa.
  4. Ensure equal distribution of resources.
  5. Startup industrial training institutions in Uganda and across the great lakes region where youth could easily acquire knowledge          through industrial training, technology and innovation. 
  6. Train youth and care givers at college in order to improve on their household income.
  7. Provide discussion forums for development.
  8. To enable youth to actively participate in practical entrepreneurship skills.
  9. To train Ugandans how to overcome waste products productively in order to save the environment.
  10. Startup regional industrial competitions in order to motivate young entrepreneurs
  11. Start up youth development clubs where they will be position to show up their talents.
  12. Maintain a clean dialogue with the government in power.
  13. Undertake capacity building of other voluntary organizations and other associations.
  14. Produce, refine, brand and pack herbal products for a better health.
  15. Provide business development skills.
  16. Produce consumer products like organic sugar.
  17. Start and boost the art and craft industry in Uganda and abroad as well as restoration of good cultural habits like good traditional dance and nutrition for a better health.
  18. Ensure tree planting in order to overcome unfavorable weather changes.

Mugagga Industries (U) Ltd provides practical knowledge and skills, and entrepreneurship skills through the establishment of small scale industries.